Enjoy the blessings of the early Summer season and visit a strawberry farm!  Pick some berries and have fun making this delicious, healthy Strawberry Summer Salsa.  Pack in the Vitamin C and antioxidants and boost your summer wellness at your next picnic or BBQ!  this recipe adds a drop (or 2) of pure orange or citrus fresh ESSENTIAL oils to add a BURST of goodness. 


Serve with natural blue corn chips for a punch of colour!  Add to a fresh pile of micro-greens for a tasty, refreshing side salad, or dice in some BBQ chicken to kick up the protein.  Goes well with a grilled steak too.  Add as a garnish on a fresh hamburger and pair with a nice melted light cheese like buffalo mozzarella … JUST. STOP. THERE. with all this Summer tastiness.



Summer Strawberry Salsa

2 cups fresh picked, diced strawberries

2 cups fresh, diced watermelon – diced in small cubes

1 cup diced mango (if desired) or replace with diced roma tomato for a different taste

1 tsp. red wine or rice vinegar

1/2 cup slivered radish 

1 jalepeño (seeded and chopped fine) 

1/2 cup chopped baby green onion (tender) or scallions

1 lime – juiced and zest

fresh chopped cilantro – as desired

*1 drop (as desired) Young Living Essential Oil – ORANGE or CITRUS Fresh


Squeeze lime, add a bit of fresh grated zest, with the vinegar and ORANGE/CITRUS Essential oil and whisk gently.  

Add fruit, jalepeño and veggie ingredients (from above) and blend in fresh cilantro.  Coat the fruit well with the oil/vinegar dressing and toss well.  Chill and let flavours blend together.  Serve as desired.