Wellness Education for Firefighters, Emergency Services, and the Workplace

Since 2011, Erin has presented Health Education and Wellness Initiatives to several Fire Departments upon request to establish healthy goals and objectives and to improve the health statistics and well-being policies for fire and emergency personnel.   

With a particular interest and focus on stress, Erin has also presented to numerous organizations, institutions and departments to educate on health and wellbeing in relation to the bio-physiological effects of chronic stress, fatigue management and nutrition for optimal wellness. She works with individuals and groups educating on health coaching, detoxification, food intolerance and sensitivity, hormonal issues and chronic illness/pain and low impact rebounding exercise to optimize wellness.





Behavioural Health Awareness: Optimizing Mental Health, Integrating Nutrition and Fitness into Mental Wellness Strategies for Firefighters, Port Hope Fire and Emergency Services, July, 2018.

Empowering Functional Wellness, Optimizing Nutrition, Fitness and Integrated Therapies for Firefighters, Port Hope Fire and Emergency Services, July, 2018.

Integrative Therapy:  Strategic Action Towards Cancer Prevention for Firefighters, (Part 2), Peterborough Fire Services, April, 2018.


Cancer:  A First Line Defense – Statistics and Integrative Therapy for Prevention in Firefighters (Part 1), Peterborough Fire Services, April 10-13, 2018.


Nutrition for Enhanced Workplace Productivity and Wellness, Municipality of Port Hope Employees, March 27, 2018.


Fatigue and Stress Management Protocol for Fire and Emergency First Responders:  A Biological Approach to Optimizing Wellness, Presented to:  Ontario Fire Training Officers Workshop, Gravenhurst, Ontario, September 28, 2017.

Nutrition and Stress Management, Township of Selwyn Fire Services Department, December 5 and 16, 2016.


Fatigue and Stress Management Protocol for Fire and Emergency First Responders, Peterborough Fire Services, June 3, 2016


Nutrition for Optimal Athletic Performance: Nourishing the Growing Athlete (U13-21), Peterborough City Soccer Association Coaches, April, 2016.


Nutrition for Academic and Cognitive Function, Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board Parent Engagement Event, February, 2016.


Natural Health Workshop, Keep Yourself Covered – Words of Wisdom:  The Language of Wellness, Peterborough Holistic Chamber of Commerce, February, 2016.


Food and Mood: Connections in Emotional Eating, Central East Correctional Centre, Lindsay, March 2016.


Natural Approaches to Cancer Prevention:  Key Notes on a Cancer Free Lifestyle, Women Empowering Women, Peterborough, April, 2016.


Integrated Health for Emergency First Responders:  Nutrition for Stress Management, Peterborough Fire and Emergency Services, May 2015.


Nutritional Foundations for Youth Performance, (Males/Females Ages 11-13), Peterborough City Soccer Association, April, 2014.


A Holistic Approach to Diabetes Management, Hiawatha First Nation Community Council, Hiawatha, October 2013.


Biological Effects of a 24-Hr Shift Cycle, Town of Minto Fire Department, Palmerston Station, March, 2013.


Health Education – Understanding Biochemical and Physiological Response for 24 hr. Shift Workers, Peterborough Fire and Emergency Services (Communicators), February, 2013.


Total Food Makeover: Dealing with Digestive Disorders (IBS, Crohns/Colitis), Wellness for Life Series (Chiropractic), Peterborough, September, 2012.


Diabetes Symposium: A Return to Traditional Nutrition, Curve Lake First Nations Community Council, Curve Lake Medical Centre, March, 2012.


Women and Wellness: A Holistic Approach, Central East Correctional Institute, Lindsay, Ontario, November, 2011


24 Hour Shifts: The Stress Response for Firefighters, Peterborough Fire and Emergency  Services, May, 2011 (Communicators)





Erin M. Bell, Fighting the Fire of Stress, Firefighting in Canada Magazine, December 13, 2007.



Erin is the author of the book (Miss Diagnosed, Unraveling Chronic Stress, iUniv., 2005) and contributes to magazines on health, holistic nutrition and stress.  She enjoys delivering the message of nutrition through wellness seminars and public coaching opportunities.  Her knowledge is complementary with health care providers to empower clients to achieve their best health.