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Nutrition Consults

Individualized Nutrition is Powerful Nutrition!  We work together in person or online (telephone, Skype and E-mail) to personalize a plan that works with your preferences, sensitivities, economics and health goals.  Working with a Registered Nutritionist can help you to understand the underlying barriers that hinder your best health!  We formulate a personalized Nutritional Plan using the proper supplementation and continued support to maximize your results and help you achieve success.  Nutritionists take a whole-body holistic approach to health and wellness using food as a foundation to your best health.  A Nutritionist helps you step-by-step.  Remove the word “diet”, replace it with NUTRITION – now you can do it!

Public Speaking & Wellness

My most favourite part of what I do!  Sharing The Health!  I love sharing health education and wellness with you, your organization, your workplace, within your corporation or institution or among your tribe!  I design education and wellness workshops and seminars with your wellness needs among a range of topics such as nutrition in the workplace, stress and fatigue management, workplace wellness, environmental detox and nutrition for the prevention of disease and chronic illness.   Transform your work-space into well-space and let’s build nutrition and wellness into your daily life to make it a lifestyle on and off the job.   Contact me for details on setting up your Workplace Wellness Event!


Restore, Revive, Rejuvenate and REBOUND!  JUMPFitness is the best overall body workout on the planet!  Rebounding (jumping on a mini-trampoline) is 30 minutes of total body exercise using all 638 muscles at once! It is considered one of the top 10 low-impact exercises in the world.  This gentle but invigorating bounce detoxifies the lymphatic system by moving it as we bounce, oxygenating every cell in the body while JUMPing to a fun and slightly slower bpm (90-128 beats per minute). Classes ranging from gentle to advanced for both adults and kids.  We combine CARDIO and PILATES to make Cardiolates the best workout for your whole body! Contact for a trial class.  We have soft landings!

Hi, I’m Erin and I am excited to work with you!

Erin-Michelle, Reg. NNCP, FIS 

Erin-Michelle is a Registered Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner (NNCP) and operates Erin-Michelle Wellness in Peterborough, Ontario and online to all!    Erin provides specialized and unique nutritional counselling services that focus on individualized nutrition, food sensitivities and personalized nutrition planning that provides a whole body approach to wellness.

Erin has also expanded her services to include therapeutic fitness classes in Rebounding. Rebounding is a cardiovascular workout performed on a mini-trampoline called a Bellicon® Rebounder –  the world’s most advanced mini-trampoline.  Rebounding is a therapeutic fitness intervention that caters to individuals with physical and preferential limitations to conventional exercise methods.  Erin-Michelle Wellness offers an exciting new style of therapeutic fitness to fill the gap in her holistic services to provide the synergy of nutrition and fitness.

Erin has over 10 years experience working with clients towards their need for nutrition and whole body wellness education.  Erin Bell overcame her own health struggles of 15 years using the proven methods of nutrition and exercise.  This inspired Erin to become a Registered Nutritionist and pursue her own fitness goals.  Erin has also added Vegetarian Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Herbalism and BioPhysical Resonance Therapy (BioEnergetics) to her expertise.  Erin enjoys teaching small group fitness classes in Rebounding as a CANFit Pro Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist.

What Clients Are Saying…


Kids Health

“Erin has been incredibly helpful to my family as we strive to live in a health conscious manner.   She has shown us how to handle food intolerances and helped our bodies heal from the inside out through her vast knowledge of nutrition and supplements.  

She listens with compassion and understanding and has a great sense of humour.  She shares resources and encourages clients to take charge of their health.

“Erin Bell, our holistic nutritionist, I cannot say enough about her gentle testing and amazing knowledge. We are very thankful for the healing and changes for our boy. 


“Beautiful high vibe energy – how blessed we are!” J.F. – (Female Entrepreneur, Gold Young Living Ambassador)

“Can I do it barefoot?…(yes!) If I can do it barefoot then count me in.” L.L.(female, Medical Administrator)

“Don’t be afraid to Jump …you will SOAR!”  D.H. (male, former Military Officer)

“20 minutes on a mini-trampoline is like running for an hour…?  I’m there!”  E.G. (female business entrepreneur)

“This is awesome – just awesome”! S. S. (male, Pharmacist)

“This is just so… FUN!”  J.C. (dental hygienist)


“You have taught me more about my body and how to manage it in only a couple of appointments than any doctor, including specialists that took months to get into!! Hats off to you!” T.S.

“Started eating according to Erin ‘s recommendations and my sugar readings haven’t been above 9 after the first day. I am now getting a fasting read under 7. This is the first time I have felt in control of my diabetes…. Thank you!!” G.T.

“Erin is very passionate about helping others and always goes above and beyond what anyone can expect from her.” C.B.

“Holistic wellness is pretty darn exciting! K.C.

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